Spa (Special Event)

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Race Details
  • Mod: Studio 397 GTE Endurance, Two Strong pack (or Aston Martin GTE), and Ferrari 488 GTE. These are DLC and can be bought in the rFactor 2 steam site
  • Password: tintop. PW is only going to be on the server the day of the race.
  • 1.6hours (96 Minutes) race with mandatory pit stop. Minimum 2 tires must be changed.
  • Start: Formation Lap with Rolling Start.
  • Track condition: User Saved Preset. Track rubber will depend on number of drivers on track over the course of the practice week.
  • Weather: 12C Overcast..
  • Allowed assists: Only Auto-Clutch.  Drivers may change Traction Control and Boost under setup options.

Race Day Schedule
  • Practice start (30 Mins) 5:30pm UK  (12:30pm ET) – Open session.
  • Qualifying start (15 Mins) 6:00pm UK (1:00pm ET) – Open session.
  • Warm Up start (5 Mins) 6:15pm UK (1:15pm ET) – Open session.
  • Race start (96 Mins) 6:20pm UK (1:35pm ET) – Closed session


Oct 16 2022


UK Time Zone
5:30 pm

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Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps


Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps


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