Incident Review Process

The admins will review formation lap and lap 1 looking for incidents/infractions. The admins may review incidents they see on their walk-through of the replay. This is not a comprehensive review of all the incidents and it is up to the individual drivers to report any rule violations.
Report incidents to the admins and we will work together to resolve the problem. A formal complaint can be made through a PM through on Discord or the forum to any of the race Stewards  ( Juan Amaya, Phil Redman, Tom Kapusta or Alex Wolf).
Please include the lap of the incident, drivers involved, and specific incident in question so the stewards can more easily review the replay and assess penalties as appropriate. Reviewing or commenting incidents in public is not allowed. Request to review an incident must be made within 24 hours from the end of the race.
As we don’t have live stewards, sanctions will be assessed after the race on a case by case basis. Sanction levels are as follows:

  • Warning: A driver performs an action that does not warrant an infraction or penalty to be issued. (3 warnings = 1 penalty).
  • Infraction: A driver violated a rule, but not enough for a full penalty. (2 infractions = 1 penalty).
  • Penalty: A driver committed an infraction that warrants a full penalty.  Warnings / Infractions / Penalties will accumulate during a championship series.
  • First Penalty: Drive Through (DT) in the next race the driver participates in.
  • Second Penalty: Drive Through (DT) in the next race the driver participates in.
  • Third Penalty: Stop and Go (S/G) in the next race the driver participates in.
  • Fourth Penalty: Ban for a race.
  • Fifth Penalty: Banned from the remainder of the series.

Any warnings/infractions/penalties that take place in the last race of the season will be applied by using time penalties for DT or S/G, and DQ in case of a race ban.
DT and S/G penalties must be served within the first 3 laps of the race, after the formation lap.
Admins may decide to call an infraction instead of a penalty when there is a violation of a rule that has a penalty, but where there is no spin, going off track or any significant damage. Admins may decide not to call even an infraction in these cases if there is no pass or if the party faulting in an infraction gives the position back right away. On the other hand, serious offenses could trigger further penalties, including exclusion from results (DQ), banning from future races, or expulsion from the league.
Formation lap and lap 1 will be reviewed by The Admins. If incidents occur in the first lap drivers found to be in violation of the established rules will receive penalties.